Our Values


We strive to provide tamariki (children) with an environment that is more reflective of their home life. Where siblings can play together, and the younger tamariki learn and develop while guided through the role modelling shown by the older tamariki. This value fosters a sense of empathy, respect, and responsibility for tamariki to learn from.


We strive to provide hospitality, kindness, generosity, and support to all akonga (children, family, teachers, and community) at Little Sparrows Educare, all which are central to our philosophy. We do this through inclusive, respectful, co-operative and collaborative communication, and role modelling. We believe that in teaching tamariki these important attributes it will enable and strengthen them to become competent and confident in their understanding of them, empowering them with a better sense of self, and in their knowledge of how to be kaitiaki (guardians), and rangatiratanga (leaders) of our world.


We value strong consistent relationships, and we strive for a sense of kinship and family connection between all akonga, which in turn provides us all with a sense of belonging, and connection. We build this through shared experiences and interactions that are grounded in responsive, reciprocal, respectful and trustful communication, and collaboration.


In our mixed-age centre, tamariki of all ages play and learn together within our safe and enriching environment. They do so alongside consistent, responsive, and supportive Kaiako (teachers), during their learning journey with us. In their time with us, tamariki establish strong relationships and friendships, starting from when they first arrived in centre. We believe that this fosters a real sense of belonging, and stability in their learning environment, which also strengthens the ‘family-like’ culture we embrace, that is at the core of our philosophy.